Wednesday, June 20, 2007

all the noise Noise NOISE

ugh they're remodeling in the building next door and it's SO F-ING LOUD. literally, the construction is just on the other side of the wall i'm facing and baby's bout to need an excedrin or something. it's wednesday so there's another big fat UGH for you. i'm going to mtn. home this weekend. jealous? : ) i didn't get to see my daddy on father's day so i plan to remedy that, and i'm also going out drinking with big meg, which i haven't done in way too long. look out, local redneck bar/club/only venue within 50 miles---it's haney time. guess what meg gets to do on friday? her office throws two parties a year, once in the summer and once at christmas. and this year they're playing drunk softball. and they get t-shirts. and i'm jealous. and it's ugly. and i'll probably stop by for a beer when i get into town. : )


Sarah said...

i love the grinch
i don't like that he stole christmas
but i love that he gave it back
and i love you

Anonymous said...

woo hoo drunk softball here i come!! i can't wait. i also can't wait to tear up the brickyard/atrium with my favorite sister :)

Big Mike said...

To answer your question, Yes, I am jealous that you're going to the Mountain Heezy. As for going out and drinking with Big Meg, I know someone else who hasn't done that in WAY too long. That's's me.