Monday, March 26, 2007

things i did this weekend

by melissa margaret haney the first

a) sprained my damn ankle. ouch ouch ouch. on the upside, i've been sitting around like a princess with my foot propped up and getting lots of sympathy from tatum. *editor's note* i'm pretty sure my foot is cuter than the one in this picture.
2) won $20 at oaklawn on saturday! i bet $2 on a horse called "junior college." i thought that name was hilarious and i must have been the only person in the joint who bet on him because $20 is a pretty decent return.
d) went to see 300 yesterday with my girl jessica. we both LOVED it and i highly recommend it. so good, folks. so good.
5) received a return email from a freelance writer in new york with whom i am basically obsessed. i sent her a little love note and asked how she got such a cool job and she actually wrote back. we may end up being pen pals. and you may see my name in print on something other than my silly blog!

so here we are, back at monday (already?!?). foot's propped up, desk is a mess, belly is full (thank you chick-fil-a), and afternoon seems endless. hope everyone had a good weekend!


Anonymous said...

i hope your foot gets better little girl. sister loves you. :)

Sarah said...

walk it off melisssa, walk it off

Sarah said...

okay just kidding. i love you and hope it feels better. i just wanted to sound like renee.

Big Mike said...

How did you manage to hurt your pretty, little ankle? I have to assume that there was beer involved. Before you get all defensive ("You think I drink all the time?"), I say that because you are far too graceful to twist an ankle while sober. *MUAH*