Tuesday, March 6, 2007

well color me embarrassed

in reference to the post below, i have decided that if i was one of the seven dwarves i would be bashful. or maybe i would be dopey. either way, my name is melissa and i am a comment whore. i feel no shame in asking for them either! love love love me some comments and love love love to all who leave them. and, jillian, i completely agree about the "one comments" thing. who the hell is in charge of checking stuff like that and why the hell do they still have a job? i don't have much to say today except the following: 1) creepy fax guy at work should seriously ease up on the cologne. it ain't a disco. 2) antm. tomorrow night. getcha ass ready. and finally 3) my arm looks ENORMOUS in that picture. jeez louise. uh... i've been lifting weights... uh... yeah.

1 comment:

katandkarl said...

1 comments. and i never even noticed!!


no one else leave a comment so we can let the gram. error stare us in the face all.day.long!!!!!