Thursday, March 1, 2007

wanted: 12-step program

i entered this photo in a contest online called "show us your wow." it was either this pic or one a little more x-rated. i'm just kidding. OR AM I.....

we're drinking...uh THINKing really hard

iye iye iye! somebody buy those hotties a round!

so these are from TriviaNightTuesday and boy was it fun. lots of friends, lots of beers, LOTS of wrong answers! just a quick post today (crazy, right?) because i wanted to display these lovely pictures. if you missed america's next top model last night, either because you are on a tv-fast or because you are BANANAS IN THE HEAD, good golly you missed a good one. i am going to try my best not to let every post immediately following an episode be a review of said episode, but i am also well-practiced at ignoring my own good intentions. so i guess we'll see. i'm off to the home of the mountains tomorrow, so i hope everyone has a good weekend. pour one out for your homey. holla back.


Anonymous said...

if your blog becomes nothing but a sounding board on the awesomeness that is america's next top model, i'll probably become your #1 fan. i mean, more than i already am, if that's possible. just let it be known that i called jaslene from week one.

Sarah said...

oh how i wish i lived closer... love trivia games. and adding beer to the mix...even betta.

need your email address so you can read the gray area blog...though i RARELY update it anymore. it was my original blog...oh my gosh I've almost been BLOGGING FOR ONE WHOLE YEAR! wow.
my email is
email me bitch.

the gloria family said...

are you watching australia's next top model on vh1? i dvr'd it. i wonder if it will come close to our own antm.