Thursday, March 15, 2007

ides schmides

the ides of march are not so bad, ceasar. at least this one wasn't. we had a chili cook-off in my office today and although my team won exactly zero awards (we got robbed on the real) we had a damn good time. yum yum yum our chili was delicious! and we should've gotten some style points for sure. yeah, all the other tables were very clean with very pricey decorations and cutesy little costumes for all the team members, but our set-up was like a real mexican restaurant. we had that low-budge-kinda-dirty-questionable-employees-awesome-food vibe going. oh well. maybe next year.

in other news, this weekend is ST. PATRICK'S DAY and oh boy am i excited. to answer your question, jenny, yes i will be there will bells.... uh.... beers on. baby can't wait! i don't have to sleep in my car do i? i really hate that.

and finally, tomorrow is this guy's birthday. yea for birthdays and yea for pittman! have fun, be careful, and don't forget to close your eyes reeeeeal tight when you blow out the candles; you want to be sure you get whatever you wish for. : ) haaaaaaaappy birthday!!! (by the way, i definitely snatched this pic from pitt's facebook profile. i'm that girl. i have posted no pictures on this blog that are not someone else's first. i do not like this fact, but neither am i ashamed.)

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Anonymous said...

happy birthday pittman!! i'm also super glad it's st patrick's day. mama needs a drink. that sucks about your chili yo. you can make some for me anytime and i'll give you tons of awards. yummo.