Thursday, March 8, 2007

guess who's not coming to dinner

unfortunately, mr. mike howard (aka-- big mike, big red, big kuntry... pretty much all of his nicknames start with "big" and if you know him, then you know why) is unable to party in c-town this weekend as originally planned. but that's okay because we'll see him soon and we'll certainly be glad to make up his drinkin' for him. but guess who is coming this weekend...
megan elizabeth haney, that's who.
this, as you can tell, is very exciting news. we loves us some sister, that is for sure. so any and all interested and meeting and/or reacquainting yourself with sweet little meg pie, please give me a shout. it's haney time, bitches. which basically is the best time ever.
p.s. creepy fax guy complimented me on my necklace today and then leaned in reeeeeeal close to get a good look at it and now i smell like his skanky cologne and shame.


Anonymous said...

so, i'm going to have to be comment whore on this one. is nobody else excited that i'm going to be there? and not just for dinner, but probably like lunch and brunch and breakfast and snack time? come on. now i'm sad.

Jillian said...

I just can't handle this "1 comments" thing. It's the grammar Nazi in me.