Wednesday, December 2, 2009


this week marks a year of me working with my company. and in lieu of cake and ice cream to celebrate (yeah, right... i work with all dudes over the age of 40... no one celebrates like i do), i'd like to ask for a raise. i don't get paid time off, i don't have a chance to earn overtime, and have not received an increase in pay since my first day. i'm sort of a bad ass around here, and i think i've earned a raise. the problem is, HOW THE HELL DO I ASK FOR A RAISE?! every scenario i imagine in my head makes come off sounding like an ingrate or a sniveling jerk. maybe it's because, deep down, i feel sort of like an asshole asking for a raise a mere three months before i say peace out to this place, but still. end date or no, i DO deserve a raise, right? i mean, it's been a year... right? help, friends. HELP. ayudame. how do i get more money for my (quasi) hard work? or should i just leave it alone?


Unknown said...

Well...are you talking about a performance raise or a cost-of-living raise? I think it's totally fair to expect a cost-of-living raise (like 3-4 percent) at the new year, and it's fairly straightforward asking for it. You'd just be asking for your salary to keep up with the annual rise in cost-of-living (inflation and whatnot). As for a performance kind of depends on your badassness. Are you badass because you are awesome at the job they hired you to do? Or are you badass because you're doing the job they hired you to do AND doing something else entirely on top of your job? If it's the former, there might not be a strong case for a raise. If it's the latter, you're just asking to be fairly compensated for your contribution to your organization.

I don't think the timing is terribly're not an asshole for getting a raise and then leaving. You're taking care of yourself. One thing to consider negotiating, especially since you'll be job hunting in the nearish future, is a better job title. If there's no money to give you a raise, see if there's a spiffier title that will look rockin on your resume when you're looking for work in LA. Don't tell them that's why, just see if they'll do that as a concession for not giving you more cash. Oh, and no paid time off (if you're a permanent, salaried employee) is totally bogus.
What is your job, anyway?

Anonymous said...

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brooke knight said...

dude, i think the whole thing sucks and i am terrible at that. i think you could ask for a performance review, where it would naturally come up? hang in there lover - you deserve it!

miya p. said...

i am THE WORST at asking for no advice here, but maybe a little ego boost?: you are AWESOME! you absolutely deserve a raise and they would be fools not to give it to you.

go team melissa!!!

katandkarl said...

i'd go with Aim Trust. They are happy and lucky and in PANAMA. it just makes sense.

(2000 per day of income!!!) (pennies? euros? yen? dollars? TWO THOUSAND WHAT?!)

Let`s take our chance together to feel the smell of real money. (cause feeling SMELLS IS AWESOME!!!)

HAHA. this shall keep me giggling for a day or two!

katandkarl said...

on a more serious note, you should ask your boss if it is customary policy for an anniversary review? did they even acknowledge you anni? if not, you need to remind them.

Jax said...

Dude. That anonymous person is whoa. Anyway...

I totally understand, but know that women are underpaid b/c statistics show we dont ask for raises like men do. So, straighten that shirt, jacket, sweater, clear your throat and march in there, girly! Go for it!

And I see what you're saying about leaving in a few months and if they know that, coooould hurt you b/c they'll have to pay to train someone else b/c you're leaving. Sooo yeah. That sucks.

But, that said, I think you deserve a raise. And you should go for it.

"Hi, I realize the economic times we're in...and I am very lucky and thankful to be here. And I'm even more fortunate that I really love what I do here. That said, I've been here a year.. and I didn't know how performance reviews go, etc, but I'd love to get some feedback on how I've done. I also wanted to inquire as to whether I was eligible for any sort of pay increase given my work over the past year. " That was just off the top of my head.. and not very good but hey.. whatevs. :) hah!

Good luck, girly!