Friday, September 11, 2009

t minus

  • twenty four hours until b's baby shower, complete with baby name reveal
  • three days until early birthday dinner with tatum, my darling girl
  • five days until i am leaving on a jet plane for a long weekend
  • eight days until my BIRTHDAY (boosh boosh boosh)
  • twelve days until the official first day of fall
  • fourteen days until my lovely sister and i get to celebrate said birthday in true haney girl fashion
  • sixteen days until yom kippur, if that's your thing
  • five weeks until scott finally shows his cute face in central arkansas
  • six weeks until columbus day, which is of no consequence because i will probably be at work
  • eightish weeks until i dress up like mario of the mario brothers for halloween in l.a.

more to come, kids. this time of year is always so exciting. :)

*it should be noted that at least one million exclamation points would appear at the end of each of the above events, if i had the time and patience for all that punctuation.


Megan said...

i seriously can not wait to celebrate in true haney fashion. you. don't. even. know. love you :)

Stacia said...

It is our birthday week :) and I hope you have a fabulous week!!