Thursday, September 24, 2009

extra extra

if you can believe it, i'm posting about something other than myself. i know, i know. but pull your jaws off the floor, because today has been a ca-RA-zy news day and i wanted to share. as someone who reads and and, let's face it, religiously, i consider myself a pretty news-aware person, and i sometimes feel like a 'dumb american' that my attention is drawn first to the human interest stories rather than the hard-hitting, need-to-know news. but today, it seems as though the human interest stuff has officially crossed over into need-to-know territory. allow me to elaborate:

making friends, the southern way:

local woman experiences waking nightmare:

not the reason i'd want to be in the guiness book:

assholes still exist:,8599,1925607,00.html

am i right? crazy crazy crazy!

incidentally, i think i would make an excellent headline-writer. and, yeah, i just went ahead and made this post a little bit about me. you had to see that one coming.


Jennifer said...

i miss you meeeelesa

Jax said...

haha.. you rock my socks.. and you also gave me some links to go to later when I'm totally over my Friday work.. haha.. :)

emotional diva said...

crazy indeed! i just read all of those, and the abercrombie one...i'm just like huh??? LOL

emotional diva said...

i didn't give anyone the blog address until last night. i sent you an invite to view it on facebook since for some reason i couldn't e mail you from my phone. =D

and no offense taken. i have been much better without her strife in my life. thank you so much for commenting. i needed to feel heard! =D

emotional diva said...

harumph. i nominated you miss rifle totin', backwoods checkin it melissaaaaa! go to my page, follow instructions.

yes.that was a command. do it now! =)