Friday, March 13, 2009


so, no one entertains me like mia sorella, megan elizabeth. she called last night to remind me that george clooney was guest starring on ER. and even though neither of us have watched that show in years, we agreed to watch and discuss for the clooney factor.

she says "i love you" 100 times before she says "goodbye."

she leaves me funny voicemails because she knows i don't check them but once every week or so, and when i finally do get around to listening to the twenty or so that i have, at least half of them are meg, and they are 100% hilarious.

it's a good thing we've got that "cell to cell" business for free, otherwise we'd go broke.

i think we can all agree she is the greatest. and today seemed like a good day to publish her fabulousness, even if i can only post a percentage of it.


miya p. said...

you are positively the *most* sweetest, loveable, ADORABLE human e-ver.


Megan said...

you are the greatest person alive. i believe that. this makes me want to create a blog just so i can make a melissa-centric post about how amazing you are. love you (x100) best friend.

Big Mike said...

They're wombmates.