Friday, March 27, 2009

oh good gravy

i can be such a baby about shit sometimes. i need to remember more often that i am not 12.5 years old, i am a whopping 25.5. grow up. for real. :)

this weekend's forecast be damned, i will have a good time. and it will start at 5pm sharp. pedicure, consignment shop, maybe a movie, spa night, and as always, plenty of vino. give me a call if you want to play. i'm a playing kind of mood, and i plan to stay that way, no matter what my inner teenager has to say about it. kiss kiss.


miya p. said...

i'd say 25.5 was WAY better than 12.5. so slap that moody, angsty, bitch ass pre-teen in the mouth and have some good ol' grown up fun (including but not limited to intoxicating, fondling, shaving, etc)

xo powerpuff

katandkarl said...

maybe some bring it on, bring it on 2, bring it on: in it to win it... and what is the other one?

Jax said...

plenty of vino helps back so does... :) I vote for watching Twilight, chica... bad weather, vampires, duh. ;)