Tuesday, March 17, 2009

erin go braugh(less)

st. patrick's day, i love you.
my boss told me i don't look irish.
who really looks irish?
it's not like we just climbed off the boat from the motherland.
i'm celebrating.
or at home.
with someone,
i will enjoy green beers
and a complete lack of respect for my liver.
love love.


Megan said...

hooray for st patrick's day! be a good girl and if your boss doesn't believe that you're irish, just give him a colleen o'nale style ass chewing. or kick him.

miya p. said...

can't get on board with you on this one...i was actually quite disappointed this morning when i arrived at work this morning not knowing that it was st. patty's day and my boss exclaimed in exaggerated excitement that i was wearing a green scarf.

but have fun :)

Big Mike said...

Down one of those delicious pints for Daddy.

Jax said...

Ahhh love me someecards! :) Happy St Pats!!! :)

care said...

and I forgot to comment--LOVE this card. told three people about it. it made me giggle. I'll have to show it to matt!