Wednesday, March 25, 2009

bullshit inspired by bullshit

i feel like someone shit in my cheerios.
so we're chit-chatting, right? we do that every day. sometimes multiple times a day. and whether the conversation is two minutes or two hours, i soak up every second. i laugh, i pout, i entertain, i swoon. last night's chit chat was no different. and then something is said that stops me right in my tracks. it wasn't a big deal, and i am surely the only one still thinking about it. but it's not so much what was said, as what was implied. that's not true. it's not so much what was said, as what i inferred, as i'm sure there were no implications attached (there never really are). but it's got me thinking, thinking too much probably. one little statement invokes a million questions, none of which i can answer, none of which i can even think about much longer without going crazy. i've beat it to death in my head by now, for sure, so i'm going to try and give it a rest. the questions can wait.


Leah Billings said...

Dude. I can relate. Sometimes I over-analyze to the point that it could be considered a disorder.

Big Mike said...

Call me when you have time to talk.

miya p. said...

boo...the never ending pit of the "girl-mind", i know it well. i am ready, willing, and happy to give my completely unbiased ;) opinion on the whole thing (or just listen while you purge).

cheeks to the sky pretty.