Thursday, December 18, 2008

we should be so lucky

two gay dude penguins in a zoo were caught stealing other penguins' babies and trying to father them. so the zoo officials moved them away from everyone else and gave them two little babies of their own to raise and they are, apparently, the best parents of all the penguins.
no, they are not humans, but yes, they are an example. i've never had two parents of the same sex but i have to believe that most people would agree with me when i say i'd rather have two dads than no dad at all.
i am, of course, simplifying the issue. that's what i do, so before you even start with me, don't. i'm talking to you. no, not you... YOU. take a hike, yeah?

p.s. i plucked my eyebrows last night and i'm back to lookin' suuuuper fly.


Maria said...

If the penguins love the babies and care for them appropriately, who cares if there is one or two, male or females, doing the caring? I don't. (and yes, I know some people care, but I'm going to say it. They are WRONG! ;-) )

Anonymous said...

i love this story...and just so people know, this happens in nature all the time, especially in overpopulated animals, which is very interesting from an evolution standpoint. single adults raise babies successfully and homosexual adults raise babies successfully all the time...whether it be in humans, monkeys, mice, fish, etc. it turly happens all the time. there are no laws passed among bonobo tribes saying two adults of the same sex can't provide for a child (everyone should read about bonobos!)...anyway, i can't believe people would rather see thousands of of children in orphanages and foster homes than in the arms of two people, but at the same time i've heard the following words come out of a woman's mouth "i'd rather have a dead son than a gay one".

are we a shocking creature or what?

what i'm really trying to say is that melissa and i are getting married and looking to adopt a bonobo.

xoxoxo, tjb

Megan said...

oh my god i love the bonobos! fascinating animals! this was interesting and hopefully won't spark the animosity from posts previous. xoxox

miya p. said...

so i guess the take-away message is: homosexuals steal babies?

JESUS! just kidding, i love the gays