Monday, December 22, 2008

it looks a little different at 25

my mommy and sister and i watched "a charlie brown christmas" yesterday, getting into the spirit of the season and eating our weight in spinach dip. i remember loving that movie (is it a movie? it's only 20 minutes long...) when i was a kid, but now, the only thing i could think when it was over is this: charlie brown may be the saddest mo-fo of all time. that poor kid! lucy's skanky friend violet actually uttered the words, "try to do something right for once in your life, charlie brown." merry effing christmas, right?


Sarah said...

poor charlie brown.

the "movie" seemed a lot longer when we were little, huh?

Megan said...

direct quote from skanky violet, "charlie brown as the director? we're DOOMED!"