Tuesday, December 30, 2008

um, oops

so i maybe might have a little bit overdone it just a smidge with yesterday's post. i told myself i wouldn't lash out on the ol' blog after that crackhead was being such a jerk on a previous entry of mine, but yesterday was like the perfect storm of online aggravation. eh, such is life. i'm over it. : )
the holiday season was quite busy in central arkansas, that's for sure. my mom was in town for a week and so i spent quite a bit of time with her and megs, then i had two days to cram in all (that's right, ALL) of my christmas shopping between working and catching up with folks in for the holidays, then i went to my dad's for a few days and ate, drank, and was generally merry. he's moving so we spent a pretty good deal of time sorting through an exorbitant amount of our things that have accumulated at his house over the years. fun? kind of. exhausting? totally. then saturday night i had a little mini-reunion with my pledge sisters from the sorority i was in for about five minutes, which was a little strange but mostly awesome. i got yelled at by some trashy skank at this bar in russellville, which is always a night-maker. and now... *sigh* now i'm just back at work, trying to catch up on sleep at home(it will never happen), and waiting for warmer weather.
it sounds like you all had fantastic christmases and i'm very glad for it. i'm not sorry that i boiled over like a pot of crazy-time tea in yesterday's post, but i will say that i will keep the outbursts to a minimum... at least i will on the blog. : ) xo


katandkarl said...

:) xoxo.

care said...

you make me laugh, I've gotta say.

sounds like that commenter had it comin', or at least that they shoulda. bygones are good though.

and glad to hear your holidays were merry!

Sarah said...

i love you.

miya p. said...

i oppose censorship :)