Wednesday, December 5, 2007

time to update, i suppose

it's been crazy here. and by here i mean at my office, at my house, and inside my head. my apologies for not posting more; i used to be kind of a fiend, huh? maybe it has something to do with the weather... regardless, here's a list of top-of-my-head happenings:

  • we're down ANOTHER co-worker for six weeks. *sigh* bring it on.
  • my room is a disaster area. i really really really need to clean it. mess outside, mess inside, you know? time to clean at least one of them up. : )
  • it's already december. i'm sure you all know that by now, but i cannot get my head around how fast the time is going.
  • i tried TWO new things at the sushi place. i liked one very much, and i did not gag on the other. i may be a convert after all.
  • monday was my dad's 60th birthday!!! and he spent it working on the farm. of course he did. : )
  • i haven't bought groceries in like a month and have been living off of fried food. i guess it's never too early to start putting on that holiday weight, huh?
  • i think i want a new car, and
  • i know i want some new clothes. i bought a new shirt the other day and it struck me, i haven't bought a single article of clothing in like six months. i bum around in the same sh*t every day. this needs to be remedied so that i can stop looking like an orphan.

well i guess the top of my head is not that interesting because i am, as usual, boring to the point of depressing. there's more, you know. much more. but you'll have to just wait on that. : )


Anonymous said...

cheer up chuck :) i think you're great and no amount of new clothes or new cars could make you greater. it's christmastime sister! xoxoxo

Big Mike said...

I don't think you look like an orphan. PS: You can go into more detail on the phone...*hint*

a mouthy irish woman? ridiculous! said...

your beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I find you interesting. Please post more. Love love! :) apt is SOO messy right now. I actually laughed at the layer of dust that has gathered.. LAUGHED. What is wrong with me?

care said...

a biohazard? damn, you're going straight through fire hazard and aspiring to grown contagious and lethal viruses, you go-getter, you! ;)