Friday, October 5, 2007

party like a rockstar

we totally do. so big mike and friends are coming to town this weekend to see if it's possible to have more fun in little rock than it is in russellville. i'm betting we can work it out. although i threatened to post a hilarious and embarrassing photo of the giant red one, i found this today and thought it was way way way better. that's mike doing air splits. ask him nicely and you can see it in person.
so it's friday and it's about damn time. at this time tomorrow i will be sleeping and not working. that thought is more than likely enough to keep me going today. and since saturday night will probably see me drowning in beer, i think i shall take this evening to order a pizza, drink a glass of wine (or two or three) and watch aladdin, the incredibles, the little mermaid, or finding nemo. or all of them. who knows?
take it easy, friends. have a good weekend. and if you're in the greater little rock area tomorrow night and want to see me look short in comparison to someone, give me a call.


Big Mike said...

First of all...(A) Thank you for not posting a dumb looking picture of me. (#2) I might get drunk enough to do air-splits, toe-touches, and other crazy acts. (Roman Numeral III) EVERYONE looks small in comparison to Mike "Freak Show" Howard.

Anonymous said...

hey hot stuff. glad you guys had a good weekend? did you ever get in touch with angie? anyhow...thanks for posting on facebook my lack of wall signings. i think it's because people don't know what to say...:(

Anonymous said...

ps--"glad you had a good weekend" is not a question. i'm just a terrible proofreader i guess.

Elizabeth Spann said...

The proportions of candy corn to peanuts is completely up to you. I just dump a bunch of them in a bowl and eat them together. Sooo good. See you on Wednesday!