Tuesday, August 7, 2007

sweet and sour jesus...

...i've been busy. i just heard stephen colbert say "sweet and sour jesus" and i thought it was funny. yikes, i hope he doesn't copywrite those kinds of thing.
ANYWHO i have been bzz bzzz bzzing like a little bee for the last little bit and there is no end in sight. i've been trying to whistle while i work but it's hard to whistle when you're crying WHEN LORD WHEN?!? WHEN'S GON BE MY TIME? name that movie (COUGHi'm talking to you meganCOUGH). what i'm getting at (not so coherently) is that i've been b-b-b-busy up at the ol' office job and i'm beginning to lose my patience. they ought to pay me double what i make just for putting up with it. i know i know, oh my god melissa's complaining. how VERY unlike her. : ) so i'll zip it and show you the only two pics i've got (for now) from new yawk:

this one is of my mommy's garden. i loooove the smell of basil. and that back porch is rockin.' (ha! that's what she said.)
have you ever read anything by richard russo? if you haven't you should check out nobody's fool (or you could watch the movie. it's amazing. paul newman. melanie griffith. of course it's amazing.) anyhow, the book is set in bath, ny and i didn't know that that was an actual place until we drove through on the way back to buffalo. my lovely and obliging mother pulled over so that i could get this picture. it probably means nothing to anyone but me. and that's just fine. : )

and IN CASE YOU MISSED IT, this guy turned the big 2-4 on saturday. i would've dedicated an entire post to him on that day, but i was too busy taking a shot for every reason that i love him. and that's a buttload of shots, mike. toooo druuuunk toooo poooost. happy belated birthday!
okay, that may be it for now. there are more pics of my vacation and dammit YOU WILL SEE THEM just as soon as i let you. until then, onward christian soldiers. left left left right left.


Anonymous said...

uh, are you trying to test me or something? of course that's from "jay and silent bob strike back" when ben affleck is making fun of them. girrrrl, who do you think this is? an amateur? xoxoxox

Big Mike said...

You could have found a more flattering piture of me. PS: I would say Egg Drop Jesus.

Elizabeth Spann said...

I think maybe Kung Pow Jesus. Yes, I think that's it. :)

Anonymous said...

Melissa, my love. I have MUCH better pix of the back yard and garden..will send soon. Mommy

PS...Even I knew the Jay and Silent Bob quote, i.e., "I've heard that rant before!" XXX's

Anonymous said...

Good words.