Friday, August 10, 2007

clap clap clap your hands

because baby girl is graduating!!! tonight they're going to call tater tot's name and she'll walk across that stage and OFFICIALLY be a college graduate. i am soooooo proud; i'm getting a little vehklempt sitting here typing this. my little girl is all grown up! congratulations, tatum! and the idiot still cheering when everyone else has sat down will be me, just fyi.
also, there's a meteor shower this weekend. iiiiiiiii love 'em. according to, sunday night after midnight is the best time to see them, and apparently this one is going to be badass. hopefully i don't get hit with a meteor while i'm laying in the backyard staring at the sky.
my horoscope this morning said that my recent turmoil at work and home would work itself out and that my energies would center this weekend. consider me centered, folks. it's friday, it's the 222nd day of the year, it's t minus 40 days until my birthday, and everything is okay.
it's a good vibe day, a day of good vibes. hope yours is the same, and have a good weekend!
p.s. look to your right.... SAME NIGHT SAME NIGHT! : )


care said...

uh, yeah, it's cool. I totally read yours too. you're HILARIOUS! :)

thanks for the info about the meteor shower. I am going to watch it, I love 'em also!

happy friday!

katandkarl said...

i wanna be one less, one less.

a mouthy irish woman? ridiculous! said...

since i'll probably be laying out in the yard anyway, lack of strength you know. maybe someone will stop and out of the goodness of their heart, turn me over so that i can see the meteor coming before it makes in into an ashe pie. mama is sick and it sucks. :(

Chandle said...

Hooray, a meteor shower. I'm definitely staying outside, that is if it's cool enough to breath.