Thursday, May 10, 2007

soy cansado y'all

oh good lord i'm exhausted. i have been hauling balls at the thankless office job all week. getting there an hour early, taking half hour lunch breaks, kicking total ass all day long. but guess what. i'm not 19 anymore. and i'm f*cking tired. excuse the language.
tomorrow is my beautiful sister lisa diane's birthday. big ups, hot stuff.
b) friday night travs game at the new stadium. free food what what. i'll probably be drinking pretty heavily because 1) i deserve it and 2) baby ain't drivin.
c) i missed grey's tonight. two weeks in a row. dammit.
d) saturday there's an ANTM marathon on VH1. so you know where i'll be if you need me.
e) i don't get paid until tuesday. dammit again.
f) i should probably mention lisa's birthday again as i loooove birthdays and i loooove my sister. i wish she lived closer because then you would know.
g) it's night night time on the real.
holla back.


Anonymous said...

oh sister. i do not envy the 5 am wake up call. but i will secretly be laughing at you. sorry.
happy b-day ld. little sisters love you. represent.

Anonymous said...

but did you go to sleep?