Saturday, May 26, 2007

now i'm back to boring

the above photo is my boy mike and his bomb-ass girlfriend meggie who are in town for the night and chilling at the house with us. i have known/adored mike for years and his girlfriend is quickly becoming my new favorite person.
this is the second three-day weekend this month and i am jazzed up about it. i have no plans but to drink and sleep and reeeeelax until tuesday. i definitely needed a long weekend for sure. : )
so wednesday afternoon is my appointment with the pulmonologist (is that the right word?). i guess they have to take the tissue off my lungs, so i have a consultation this week and then the biopsy probably the next week. yikes. i just want to be done with it. : ) as if it wasn't bad enough, i apparently have had some minor allergic reaction to one of the numerous pills they've had me take and i now have small but distinct areas on my face that look like hives. AWESOME.
i guess i don't have too much to say today, except thanks. thanks to you guys for all the good vibes. thanks to the government for paid days off. and thanks to jesus for miller light, sunshine, and coma-like sleep.


mercurial mary said...

totally sending good vibes your way this week!

Anonymous said...

i have faith.

Anonymous said...

1) you're not boring. ever.
2) g-g-g-g-good luck at your thingy tomorrow. little sister sends all her love and good wishes. love you.

Jax said...

You're not boring..unless I'm boring.. b/c I find you quite entertaining.. haha :) I'm closing my eyes, grittin my teeth, and sending you some serious good vibes... :)