Sunday, May 13, 2007

for my mommy

i can only hope to be as beautiful, strong, funny, talented, and amazing as she is.
kanye knows what i'm talking about. this is my favorite part of his song, "hey mama":
"hey mama, i wanna scream so loud for you, cause i'm so proud of you. let me tell you what i'm 'bout to do, hey mama. i know i act a fool but i promise you i'm going back to school. i appreciate what you allow for me. i just want you to be proud of me. forrest gump mama said life is like a box of chocolates. my mama told me, "go to school, get your doctorate. somethin' to fall back on, you could profit with," but still supported me when i did the opposite. now i feel like there's things i gotta get, things i gotta do, just to prove to you that you was getting through. can the choir please give me a verse of "you are so beautiful to me?" can't you see, you're like a book of poetry. maya angelou, nikki giovanni, turn one page and there's my mommy. c'mon mama just dance with me. let the whole world see your dancing feet. now when i say hey, y'all say mama and everybody answer me."
mmmmm.... i loves you the mostest mama. beso beso beso and happy mother's day.


Anonymous said...

your mom is pretty cool. :) but in all seriousness, all hail colleen t. monique o'nale haney. she's one of the few true-grit broads left. toast to mama!!

Anonymous said...

YOUR MOTHER is awesome b/c she gave me you and geo and that was an AWESOME party bonus.