Friday, January 15, 2010

done and done

i told them.
i told them today.
i told them today that i'm rolling out.
it's all over but the crying.
but that's just an expression,
'cause i sure as shit won't be crying.
six weeks until wheels up...
i'm a complete mess of
excited and scared and nervous and calm
and a plethora of other emotions.
but, suffice it to say,
the countdown begins today.
hold onto your hat.
i'm mostly talking to me on that one.


Big Mike said...

Congrats. I fear that it all will be fine. :)

Sarah said...




of you.

heather kathleen said...

hot damn! and way to go sister!!!! kalifornication is going to take on a whole new meaning when your butt rolls into town.

Jennifer said...

ughhh i am not ok with this.

not even a little bit.

not even at all.