Friday, January 2, 2009

promises, promises

i have a picture of me on new year's eve, giving all of you a new year's kiss, but i can't find my camera cord so this crappy pic will have to do. sorry. the sentiment is the same. : )
i've made some resolutions, and i will (hopefully) be able to make some serious progress in all of the following areas, but, as with every year, my number one priority is to just be a better melissa. with that in mind, here are the ways that i've decided i can do that in 2009:
1. stop cussing so much. i am not, nor have i ever been, a sailor. i don't know why i insist on sounding like one.
2. put less pressure on myself with regards to the way i look. i'm not sure where i got this ridiculous standard i've imposed on my outward appearance, but it's unattainable, at best. i'm not saying there's no room for improvement, and i'd like to look the best that i can, but i'm not a freaking supermodel. as soon as someone starts paying me to weigh 120lbs, i will gladly bust my butt to get there. until then, i should be happier with what i've got.
3. go back to school. please don't comment on this one. this is a personal decision, and i'm pretty sensitive about the subject. but this is an honest list of resolutions, so it must be included.
4. save money. i'm pretty bad to spend like there's no end in sight to my funds, which leaves me doing some pretty fast talking when there is any kind of atypical financial obligation. i can do better than that.
5. keep my bedroom clean. first, i have to GET it clean. : ) my good friend heather always says, "mess outside, mess inside." that is a true statement, and i'm done with both messes.
so there you have it. none of them is really that huge an undertaking, as best as i can tell. my biggest job is to basically love me and take care of me more, which all of the above will help me to accomplish. i will continue to laugh, play, and dance as much as i can, and if i can make a serious dent in these self-improvements, then 2009 will reveal the best version of me yet.
happy new year, boys and girls. xo


melissa said...

i'll never fully give it up, i just need to slow my roll. : )

additionally, i'm hoping that by swearing less in my day to day life, that when i do decide to cuss, it'll be WAY fucking cooler. : )

let me know about that party... that shit sounds fun.

Sarah said...

oh Lord, I need to work on the cussing before little one arrives. you just cannot have a two year old going around calling people fucking bastards, it's just not right.

you look beautiful. happy new year! and i love you!

miya p. said...

that was the sweetest list of resolutions i have ever read...way to be adorable :)