Friday, January 23, 2009

bloop bloop

things that make me frown:
1. i haven't posted my pictures yet. i haven't even downloaded them. oops.
2. it's 1:32pm CST, yet it somehow feels like it should be at least 6pm CST.
3. i feel kind of pukey. thanks a lot, day-old subway sammich.
4. even though the weather's a bit warmer, did we really have to say goodbye to the sunshine in exchange?
5. GROW HAIR GROW. i'm having a pretty serious "missing long hair" day.

things that make me smile:
1. gracious, how did it get to be friday already?!?
2. it's 1:34pm CST... the clock IS still ticking.
3. i haven't worn make-up in three days, and i don't feel ugly.
4. i'm finally going to read the seventh harry potter book this weekend.
5. it's almost february, which is almost march, which is almost spring...


Stacia said...

Nioxin pills make the hair grow...just to share.

Sarah said...

totally miss my long hair too. i'm so glad you had a great trip. missed you last weekend, but will see you soon... maybe at jenny's?

Megan said...

baby wants an update.

Sarah said...

you should twitter.