Sunday, December 16, 2007

nothing new

disclaimer: i know postsecret has taken the path of the real world, antm, and most other reality shows by taking a good idea and making it popular and therefore forced and pointless, but every now and again, there are postcards like this, which i adore. so there. and you know what? i'm not just starting to see it, i like to think that i see it every day. and everyone who reads this blog is a part of that. thanks guys. seriously. : )
p.s. i promise to start posting the silly little happenings in my life again soon, and knock it off with this incense-burning, colored-aura, self-reflection bs. : )


katandkarl said...

Your aura is purple... its PURPLE. (almost famous quote i will now start using in reference to peg haney.)

Sarah said...

i love post secret.

will you send me your mailing address?

love ya much woman!!!!

a mouthy irish woman? ridiculous! said...

sorry i missed your call. hope you had a fantabulously delicious weekend!


Big Mike said...

I heart you. I don't care what you post about. I love reading every bit of it.