Tuesday, October 16, 2007

la lista de martes

a) jenny's bachelorette was out of control. i only wish i had gotten there sooner. : ) i'll post the pics later. i know i always say that, but i really mean it today.
b) i felt like a fish out of water at the homecoming game, which is a bit strange for a social butterfly like me. there were, however, moments of glory, such as the white girls-gang signs tribute above. yes, i'm wearing a tu t-shirt. no, i did not go to school there. do somethin'.
c) someone got fired at my office monday. i will not miss her, but i will miss her being there to do her work. as it is, all of it's been split among us. i was busy before this happened.
d) i am sick sick sick. this is the first cold i've had in a loooong time and i feel like i may die. my throat hurts and my chest hurts and my head hurts and i took a three hour nap after work today. i do not have time to be sick right now. please see letter (c).
e) i just got a belated birthday card from miss jenn jenn, a left-behind and much-missed ex-coworker. thanks sugar. : )
f) dear jesus or god or mother nature or whoever, i know you're busy with kat's request to lose 5 lbs before mexico, but if you have time, i'd like to drop about 30. amen.


katandkarl said...

brooke is kinda sick and i'm feeling kind of sick... it's weird. me no likee.

Big Mike said...

I'm as healthy as a spring chicken...not rubbing it in though.

Anonymous said...

1. make some soup
2. don't let the man get you down at the office
3. white girl gang signs are what keep me going througout the day.

Anonymous said...

it seems like everyone is sick here.get to feeling better.i'd mail daddy's chicken soup, but, well, ya know.. and 30 lbs? really? um, no.

Leah Billings said...

I think everyone I know right now, self included, wants to drop a few. We should all put in $20 and do our own biggest loser. The person who can lose the greatest percent of their body weight in say two months takes all. I know the idea of winning some moolah would help kick my buns into gear.

a mouthy irish woman? ridiculous! said...