Thursday, October 11, 2007

gritted teeth

i have inherited some lovely attributes from my parents. i am optimistic, nurturing, forgiving, and (i think) clever. on the flip side, i've developed some of their negative traits as well (sorry, mom. you know it's true). and letting small, manageable nuisances amass into ginormous problems has trickled down from probably generations back. you would think someone who talks as much as i do would prefer productive communication to annoyed silence.
i am at the end of my rope today due to complete thoughtlessness from others and my foolish willingness to believe it is unintentional. it's mounted and mounted and mounted, and now here i am, FURIOUS and frustrated. no need for details; you never know who is spying. but suffice it to say i've had enough and the lid has blown. i can see the end of this ugly streak from where i am, so i should be back to sunshine-y me soon. until then, i will try to remain as normal as possible. after all, no one wants to hug a cactus.


Big Mike said...

Come on, baby. You know that i'll hug a cactus, no matter how prickly. I heart you.

katandkarl said...

hey prickly girl. i think you should punch something. an inanimate would be good.

care said...

see, I think you should go buy some of the pink york peppermint patties they're selling at target and eat two of 'em. or three.

even the part in the middle is pink!

and then have dinner with a glass of wine and watching something FUNNY on tv and then return back to your regularly scheduled programming.

and, on your behalf, I wish bad haircuts upon those who have mistreated you. bad, bad haircuts. worse than mullets.

a mouthy irish woman? ridiculous! said...

your bad mood is a work of art and i wish to purchase one of my own very soon and display it!


p.s.-hell yes to the york peppermint patties and have one for me too. no two. a diabetics dream come true....

Anonymous said...

don't let the man get you down, pretty girl. xoxox