Friday, October 26, 2007

big ups, thursday

yesterday was a good day. yesterday was a VERY good day. after riding high on red sox fever all morning (my co-workers had reactions as extreme as yours to this behavior), i found out after lunch from megan, fingers on the pulse of the fast food nation, that the mcrib is back at mcdonald's. now now, i understand that most of you are snarling up your little lips and turning up your little noses. but i really love 'em. and they're back. so there's that. and, as if that wasn't enough, TATUM totally surprised me at work yesterday!!! she's back!!! she wasn't supposed to come home until today, but being the wiley little trickster she is, i should've known that she would pull a stunt like this. but since she is much smarter than me, she totally got me. and i'm glad she did. it was the greatest homecoming ever! i may have started to tear up a little bit, you know? i have missed this girl like crazy. like CRAZY. and then the red sox won again (!!!). and then i slept for like ten hours last night. and now it's a not-so-slow downhill slide into the weekend. "it's friday, i'm in love (with yesterday)."


Anonymous said...

woo hooo!! tater's back :) i'm glad the gruesome twosome is complete once more. xoxox have a good weekend. GO RED SOX!!

Elizabeth Spann said...

I love the Simpsons episode with the McRib-like sandwich that drives the whole town mad and they start mauling each other to get one. ;)