Monday, April 12, 2010

weekend win

okay, i've (hopefully) done the last of my "woe is me" blogging. so i moved away. no big deal. you're fine, i'm fine, life goes on, yes? :)

california, so far, is EXCELLENT. there's always fun stuff to do, and i'm meeting new and fun people, and, although i am not yet employed (which is slowly making me nanners in the worst way), i'm keeping my head up. i am employable, and until i find something to do, i should enjoy the mini-vacation, yes? yes indeed!

the above picture is from a beer festival we went to on saturday evening. $40 per person, and you can literally have all the beer you can drink. no, seriously. they never ran out, and with our group, that was a very real possibility! :) that's scott behind me, and next to him is his coworker jeff and his brother-in-law chad, that's scott's sister, stephanie, in the sunglasses, and scott and stephanie's hair-dresser / friend / rad chick krista in the middle. there were beers EVERYWHERE and it was an awesome day.

yesterday was scott's birthday, and he had to go to work for a bit. BOO. my birthday plan was was to drink mimosas and lay on the couch together all day, since i knew we'd be hungover from the beer festival (plus we may have hit a couple of bars afterward... ooooopsyyyyy....). well, i got the hungover part right; neither of us was in good shape AT ALL yesterday morning. but getting called into work kinda ruined the other half. dammit. :)

okay, that's it. it's been a long time since i updated with just normal shit, just regular happenings. i hope i haven't lost my touch! xoxo


miya p. said...

for shizzle! way to move to cali and become an instant west coaster!

AND $40 for all you can drink beer - super win.

ANNND ... you look beautiful panda bear

Megan said...

hooray for happy blogging and happy sister! yes, please enjoy your mini vacation and no, don't get down about being unemployed. you are highly employable and i have a feeling that something amazing is just around the corner for you :)
ps--BEER FESTIVAL? fucking los angeles with its fucking cool things to do. color me jealous.

Big Mike said...

$40 all you can drink? I feel like I could have put a dent in their beer rations. I'm glad that you're having fun. Keep it up, lk. Tell the old man that I said Happy B-Day. :)

Leah Billings said...

It's so good to see you lady! (even if it is only in pictorial form). Looks like you fit right in out there (never had any doubts that you wouldn't). Please pass on some belated b-day love to Scott. Miss you mucho!!

Elizabeth Spann said...

I love seeing your big ol' pretty smile! You look happy as can be, friend. So happy for you! ;)
Much love, doll.

Big Mike said...

It's update.

emotional diva said...

you are so wonderful.

i am glad you moved and are happy.

look at you all scotty scott scott and bubbly bubble bubbles! i absolutely adore living in cali with bf melissa!!!!


update, sweets! update!!!!

Big Mike said...

Update time...