Monday, June 8, 2009

did i tell you?

the last week has been banoodles. depending on the frequency with which you and i are in contact, i may or may not have told you the following information:
  • all of my belongings were moved from my room, into a uhaul truck, out of said uhaul, and up a flight of stairs into my apartment by me and three other chicks, none of whom are body-builders. this makes us bad ass, at the very least.
  • i won a small but important (to me) battle against the uhaul place after they treated me like a piece of shit. i won in the form of monetary compensation. and who doesn't need more money?
  • i got my brakes fixed and changed my car insurance and paid my property taxes and deposited my first month's rent. i did all of this with money left over. i have turned into a saver. i have turned into a financial planner. i have turned into a bonafide growed up girl.
  • i took a three-hour nap on thursday night, effectively screwing my entire night, because being a bonafide growed up girl is exhausting.
  • the cable is hooked up in my house, and i don't just mean that literally. i got HOOKED UP. i have dvr now, which kind of feels like being the last caveman to realize that he can make fire. i also have a ridiculous amount of channels, some of which i never even knew existed. as a result, antm cycle 8, you are recorded and i will see you soon. (without commercials.) (without listening to that sarah girl be a bitch.) (without much of anything tyra has to say.)
  • i am anticipating a visit from the bf sometime soon. we have been going back and forth and back and forth and back and forth about this; i didn't know he wasn't as planny planny as i am. grrr. anyhow, he'll be here at some point, and this is big big big because i might maybe kind of miss him just a little bit.
  • i made mention in my last post about the contents of my fridge... i have not done anything to alter the line-up. i must grocery shop today or go broke / gain thirty pounds.

i can't find my camera cord. um, there hasn't been a hell of lot of progress made on the un-packing, see? but i will find it soon, and i will show you pictures of my rad new digs, grocery-filled refrigerator included. xo


a mouthy irish woman? ridiculous! said...

loves you mama.

Sarah said...

oh all growed up lover--how i love thee!

dvr is fun because tyra is ANNOYING.

Megan said...

woo hoo! glad to hear about all the good things last week. here's hoping this one (and all the ones after) are just as productive and fulfilling. xoxo

Jax said...

DVR is going to change your life.. CHANGE.YOUR.LIFE. I watched a special on it in the hotel about how people were addicted to their DVR and "felt like they had to check it all the time" or something weird. Uh..I dont have that. But I love me some SYTYCD beeotches!! haha! :)

cant wait to hear more about the new place!!