Thursday, August 21, 2008

this is what it's come to

am i only blogging surveys now? yes indeed, i am.
IF I WERE AN ANIMAL, i'd be a giraffe.
IF I WERE A MOVIE, i'd be the breakfast club.
IF I WERE A FOOD, i'd be a peanut butter and honey sandwich.
IF I WERE A TV CHARACTER, i'd be jim from the office.
IF I WERE A PIECE OF CLOTHING, i'd be flip flops.
IF I WERE A DAY OF THE WEEK, i'd be friday night.
IF I WERE A HOLIDAY, i'd be thanksgiving.
IF I WERE A PIECE OF FURNITURE, i'd be a porch swing.
IF I WERE A COLOR, i'd be tangerine.
IF I WERE A U.S. CITY, i'd be toronto.
i am a lame ass. even jenny is blogging more than me, and that girl is a blogging ghost. : ) hope you're all well. love love looooove.


Jax said...

Love it! I esp love the porch swing.. Good call.

Sarah said...

it's okay. the original metaphor thing was just a city, but jackie made it u.s. city, so i won't take points off your work.

a mouthy irish woman? ridiculous! said...

i dig that you would be a porch swing! that is one of my most favorite and comforting pieces of furniture!