Sunday, March 16, 2008

aaaand we're back

i'm not going to make any apologies for not blogging. i do what i want when i want. so there. : ) but, here's a little pictorial walk through what i've been up to for, oh, the last month or so.
went to visit my daddy for the weekend not too long ago. i got to help out on the farm, feeding cattle and rolling hay off the back of the truck. in addition, i got to wear this BAD ASS carhartt suit thingy that my dad keeps lying around, just in case his favorite comes by to work. : )
this is a picture of the creek down the road from his house. i don't know when that torrential rain came, but that's about the time i went for a visit and the place was a WRECK. jeez louise.
then, my good friend brittney and i threw a wedding shower for our dearest darling, eleise. and, although hosting and planning is certainly not my forte, i think it came together quite nicely. her colors are black and white, with a splash of hot pink, so we naturally made it look like a pink crayon threw up in the room for decoration. i think she LOVED it. matter of fact, i know she did. : ) her wedding is in TWO WEEKS OMG.
this is eleise. she is the best, for real. she ate it up. we loves her to infinity and beyond.
i have more pictures from eleise's bachelorette weekend in memphis, but for some reason blogger is only letting me upload five pics per post. hmm... i probably have it set that way without knowing it. anyhow, i took the picture of tennessee welcoming us because it took FOREVER to get there. thanks, mother nature, for making the one weekend we're trying to go out the wintery-est weekend in recent memory. we ended up having a blast, and i'll post those pictures tomorrow.
the razorbacks lost today. i have nothing to say about that. hope you've all been having a good time of it. love love!


Big Mike said...

I love love LOVE the picture of you in the carhart's!

a mouthy irish woman? ridiculous! said...

i love pictures!!! you are superbad in the carhart thingy! it makes your boobs look HUGE!

Jax said...

LOVE the pics! blogger only lets me update 5 at a time, too. I update 5, then update 5 more in the same post.. then write my blog around them. :)

Missed you, lover! Glad you're back!