Thursday, January 10, 2008

thursday things:
1. i am, as stated, bored off my asssssssss, although
2. i have plenty that needs doing, so maybe my problem is
3. i'm unmotivated.
weeknights are too short lately. when did that happen? every single day lately, i can't believe it's already 11 or already midnight. then i oversleep, then i do not look cute, and the cycle continues. maybe it's just this time of year. i know some of you hate on february (and boy, do you!), but i see the year's shortest month as just one more stepping-stone to longer days. so i say, bring it on feb.
i just bought kate nash's new album. go pick it up. or, for the more tech saavy (i envy you), download the songs. is that what you do? anyhow, get it soon, one way or another. you'll love it. and if you don't, you can check "trying something new" off your list of resolutions.
ANNOUNCEMENT: come see me. if you're reading this, i miss you. you don't even have to call first... although i'd prefer it if you did. would it help if i said please?
p.s. in case you're wondering, we patched it up. of course we did. : )


Mr.Johns said...

If I come doan and see you again your sister is gonna just get mad and jealous again. we cant have that now can we. I think it is cool as hell you are into politics. And they Cowboy's are America's team jsut like the MIGHTY YANKEE'S.

megan said...

hey--don't let the grumpus who commented above get to you. let me just add that THE YANKEES (while a great team) ARE ONLY SUPPORTED BY THOSE TOO WEAK MINDED TO CHOOSE THEIR OWN TEAM. everyone loves a winner right? anyhow, i'm glad it's all patched up. i love love love you and we have to see each other soon. is there such a thing as sister withdrawals? i'm feeling it.

Anonymous said...

OMG I totally agree about the whole "great, I overslept and now i dont look cute and blah blah" cycle I've got going on, too.. It's totally the time of year.. and I am a February hater as well, but I'm with you on just gettin through it for spring to arrive!

Anonymous said...

once I can hang with the big dogs? I'm coming down.. and I'm sorry my hubby is infatuated with you..there's just something about twins ;)

Sarah said...

i love your bloggety blogs.

lover lover lover, i wish i could just hop in the car and come see you, but life just aint so simple here, i gotta work for the money.

i've been experiencing a serious motivation problem as of late. should we attribute it to the season? yes, i think so.

february haters are about to come out of the woodwork. yikes! good thing kat has a summer due date. what if little hills was due in feb?!