Thursday, January 3, 2008

extra extra

these t-shirts will be available soon on, courtesy of my roommate slade and i, who had WAY too much fun watching the caucus tonight. i'm 100% arkansan, but mike huckabee? seriously? *sigh*
p.s. who besides me thinks keith olbermann is damn near the most attractive man over 40 ever?


megan said...

mike huckabee is ridiculous. sign me up for one of those shirts.

Leah Billings said...

Keith Olberman has his good features, but I've had a long standing crush on Tom Selleck since I was four years old, so for me he wins the title.

Anonymous said...

Me, too. What's in the water in Iowa?!

brooke knight said...

tee hee! i love keith oberman and the msnbc feed was HILAR last night!

Big Mike said...

Olberman? I'd do him.

katandkarl said...

i'm with heather kathleen.

Mr.Johns said...

Hukabee? thump's Bible TO hard.
Romney? has that Bush look in his eye.
McCain?- His age and party to much to overcome.
Obama? Getting better but not enough experience.
Edwards? Next Kennedy? maybe.
Clinton? Do what ever we can to get Bill in the white house no matter if it is the "First Gentlman".
But my friends please listen to what Ron Paul has to say. I think he has no chance but for the firat time I actually belive in a politician. PAUL in '08. Sure would be nice.

Take a chance to visit his site and tell me what you think.